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Destination weddings in Goa: Breaking-down Costs

With the popularity of the tiny state on the coast of India slowly growing, endless number of people are now looking at Goa as a brilliant option for their destination weddings. After all, with all its lavish splendour and natural bounty, who wouldn’t think of Goa? About six in ten people choose to have a destination wedding at one of Goa’s beachfront locations.  In addition to costs, we have also highlighted the pros and cons of a having a destination celebration instead of the a traditional celebration that will also help you deciding upon a destination event.

However, before taking this jump, it is important to know the cost of having a such a memorable event in Goa. After all, Goa has become a very popular location for couples looking to tie the knot and has a lot going for it, which would automatically shoot the prices of having a celebration here, reasonably high.

While North Goa is the place the tourists hit up the moment they reach, the most ideal place or rather, the commonly chosen place, for a destination event is the South. The reason is precisely this – the tourists tend to hit the North, leaving the southern areas more private and less touristy so couples are likely to have a cleaner beach. The best part, almost all the beach resorts in the south have private beach access.

Whether the couple is looking to have an intimate beachfront gathering or an elegant reception at a villa or perhaps just a casual one at a beach shack, there are a lot of beautiful, practical locations that one can choose from.

For couples to get an idea of the cost of planning a wedding in Goa, here are some easy ways to figure it out. For instance, if the couple is having a celebration with about a 100 guests, and they would like to house their guests in a five star resort or a luxury hotel, here’s what the cost of such an event would amount to

Guest Accommodation Costs

The first important thing that they would have to look into would be the accommodation. They would need 50 rooms with double occupancy plus a 2 nights and 3 day stay, with meals provided. That way, the guests can arrive, freshen up, have lunch and get ready for the Sangeet dinner, mehendi or pre-wedding celebration, locally known as ‘roce.’ On day two, the guests can spend the day relaxing in the resort and preparing for the afternoon/evening wedding celebration. After a fun-filled night, they would certainly want to rest and wake up to a nice breakfast before checking out of the hotel, the next day.

These basic arrangements can cost anywhere between INR 13,000 to INR 20,000 per person. So for 100 guests, the couple can expect the cost to amount to about INR 13 lakh to 20 lakh. However, this would depend on the hotel chosen. For instance, the Leela, Alila Diwa, The Lalit and Park Hyatt are some of the most commonly sought out places for destination events, along with RadisonBlu, Ramada, Kenilworth, etc.

In addition to the arrangements, the couple will certainly have to pay for the venue, which can cost anywhere from INR 75,000 to 3 lakhs, depending on whether they choose a banquet hall, the beach area or the private lawns. The overall taxes and beverages would naturally take the price higher.


Once the guests are looked after, the next aspect the couple will have to think of is the wedding arrangements. From decorations that could easily vary between 3 lakh to 7 lakh, the couple will need things like centre table arrangements, seating, lighting, floral placement, designing of the event, etc. For the events of both the days, the decoration costs will easily come to 6 lakhs and can even go up to 20 lakhs. The price would depend on how elaborate the couple wants the decorations to be.

For entertainment, there will have to be either a live band or a DJ to keep the party alive. For two days of entertainment, the couple will have to spend about a lakh to two. They can also have some dance performances thrown in.

Now, many weddings are all about the ‘Bharaat’. If the couple is looking for a super elaborate Bharaat, topped with elephants and so on, the cost will certainly cross 60,000 or so. If it is on simpler lines, the couple can get it between INR 50,000 to 65,000. Jazz up the event with a vintage car or a customised horse carriage and the price will certainly shoot higher.

Just the makeup for the bride and the bridal entourage is bound to cost about INR 60,000 to a lakh. Then comes the photography and videography where cutting corners will definitely make the couple regret it for the rest of their married life. Whether the couple has a local professional they are choosing to hire or a fancy world renowned photographer from Italy who they are flying down to capture their special moments, for this one aspect, put the price away and go with the best. These photographs will be memories that will remain through the years so choose someone whose work will capture the romance and elegance of the big day. To give an estimate though, a couple can get photography and cinematography within a range of rs. 2 to 4 lakhs for a two day event.

While this has covered all the essentials, there are some other added expenditure that may come into play. For instance, if the couple wants to give their occasion an added element of romance with sky lanterns and fireworks, this would be an added cost, along with the reception cake and a henna artist, for which they will have to keep aside at least a lakh of rupees.

Thus, when rounding up the entire figure, a wedding in Goa can fall in the bracket of fifteen to thirty lakh rupees. While a two day event can certainly go on to 50 lakhs and above, based on the venue chosen. This is just a rough idea of the costs that will be incurred when having a destination wedding in Goa. However, to make the job easier, couples can always get their hands on a wedding consultant who can provide them with accurate figures based on their exact preferences, so that they can make a more informed choice.