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Why choose Goa as a destination wedding location

The idyllic state of Goa is currently trending as the perfect paradise location to get married. The beautiful shores with gentle waves lapping, lush flora and gently swaying palms, teamed with a warm tropical climate make it an ideal location second to none. This quaint little state however, has much more to offer and this article will enumerate some of the reasons why Goa is the top pick.

Destination weddings are most often held in a picturesque location that is far away from home, ideally in another state or country, at a comfortable hotel where the couple and their guests stay for about a week participating in a number of ceremonial events along with a lot of partying.

Spoilt for choice

Goa, being nestled in the lap of nature has plenty of locations to choose from. Whether you are looking for a beach side affair or one on dewy lawns; something intimate and classy or something big and elaborate, the innumerable venues will have it all covered. Its culture and heritage  shines forth through its architecture and cuisine as well. The beautiful churches and temples make for the perfect setting to exchange your vows, while the grand beach front hotels will cater to every need of yours as well as your guests. Goa is famous for its seafood and several of its signature dishes will leave your guests wanting more.

One-of-a-kind experience

Tying the knot in general can become an arduous affair, especially when it comes to handling the huge crowd and it can be a little tiring smiling at numerous unknown faces. A destination celebration however eliminates this as it would involve only your nearest and dearest and it in itself is a unique experience as not many couples opt for this. Additionally, having it in scenic Goa definitely takes  it one notch higher. The beaches and balmy weather, the exotic cuisine and the local drinks along with the culture and tradition blend together to give you this exclusive experience.

Tie the know along coupled with a holiday

Goa as a location also doubles as an honeymoon destination as well, but it also gives your guests an opportunity to unwind and relax, having a little holiday of their own. The vibrant night scene is something that your younger guests would love and the ‘sussegad’ lifestyle of the locals together with the abundance of sumptuous local food make it an ideal holiday destination. Holidaying in Goa is always welcomed by all and clubbing it your big day would make it even more memorable experience.

Easier on the pocket

This may seem rather hard to believe: that you could actually save money getting married in this part of the world. Well truth be told, it is possible. When it comes to the décor, there’s very little that needs to be done to highlight the beauty of this utopian destination. The location being far from home ensures that only your close friends and family would be there to make your big day special. This would mean less guests to cater to and also helps in cutting down the costs. Throw in the amazing package hotels and it could turn out to be very cost effective affair. There are also a large number of local  event management companies to choose from who can provide the best deals for venues, accommodation and also the producing the event, ensuring that you are rid of hassles and responsibilities, allowing you to enjoy and relax doing all the planning and execution on your behalf.

Quality time with friends and family

Getting married the traditional way  is usually quite hectic and allows little time for actual bonding as there are so many things to get done in so little time. Also although a event coordinator may be hired, the fact that the ceremony and reception is in your backyard would mean that you are always going to be busy coordinating something or the other. Having a destination celebration forces you to rely on your event planner to execute to organize it on your behalf  and thus allows you to relax and enjoy spending time with friends and family, both while travelling as well as at the venue itself. Goa being small, but packed with so much of culture and heritage, mandates investment of quality time to explore this wonderful destination.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to the cost of organizing such an affair is that a lot depends on the choices that you make, and although as mentioned above, there are a few ways to skimp on the costs, the main cost components would obviously be similar to those of their traditional counterparts. The venues as also accommodation could pose a slight problem during the months of October to March as a lot of weddings are held at this time so it would be important to book your venue in advance. Venues amounting to almost a lakh or two would account for approximately half of your  budget. The next cost component would be the wine and dine element which could range anywhere between Rs.1000-3000 per plate, depending upon the venue. In addition there would be other costs to be seen to such as transport, photography, make-up artists, the band/DJ, outfits and not to forget the event planner’s fees.

If you want to have memorable celebration that your guests will remember and rave about forever and not just when the old photo albums come out, you know where to go. All good things come in small packages and Goa is definitely one of them!