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Should you choose a Destination Wedding?: Pros & Cons

Weddings are currently becoming that one special day when couples are willing to go all out to get themselves some picture perfect memories. The need to have something that is different and incomparable is what has caused destination celebrations to suddenly turn into all the rage. Yes, they are certainly not cheap on the pocket but a marriage is a once in a lifetime occasion and spending a little lavishly on it is sometimes acceptable.

Once the couple has got the ring, told their families and decided they want to marry, the next step is deciding the location. While a nearby venue has always been the norm, some people like to think out of the box and that is where the idea of a destination event comes in. Although an amazing memory to bring back home, destination weddings aren’t always a piece of cake. They need a lot of planning and preparation beforehand for them to turn out well instead of being a very expensive disaster.

It is true that destination weddings aren’t for everyone. Not just because of the money factor but because of the time and patience needed to plan something that is in an unfamiliar location. However, destination celebrations have created perfect big day for those that have experienced it so if you are not sure about whether this is a wedding you want to have or not, below is a list of pros and cons of destination celebrations that will help couples take their pick.

Plainly stated, nothing can beat the picturesque attribute of a destination wedding. They are absolutely gorgeous! Whether the couple chooses to have their ceremony on a snowy mountain top, a sandy beach or some elegantly decked up castle, they can bet that the background for the ceremony and reception will be marvellous and will give them some stunning pictures to take back home. Not just that, based on the location picked, most couples will probably be able to boast a one of a kind and memorable big day.

However, one con that most couples need to spend the first few months working around is the legal difficulties that will need to be sorted before everything can be planned. This would involve doing a bit of research and making sure they are aware of the various requirements needed to tie the knot in a foreign country. Every country has their own set of laws and thus to ensure the big day goes off without a hitch, it is best for couples to find out how to get a marriage license along with the other laws that govern marriages in another country. While this legal aspect can be quite tiresome for a couple who already has a lot on their plate, getting a wedding planner who is based in that country on board or trying to look for an all-inclusive wedding package from a resort, can make the task a little less daunting.

Another frequently chosen advantage is the complete wedding packages that are offered by resorts in foreign countries. Many resorts in countries that are popular destination venues such as Goa try to make the process easier by offering couples packages that cover rooms, décor, food and planning at reasonable rates. In fact, research has shown that availing an all-inclusive package is cheaper than getting a married in a big city. Plus, by choosing a bundled package, the couple will no longer have to worry about every tiny detail thus helping them relax and enjoy being in a new location.

One thing that is bound to happen when couples choose destination venues is the sharp dwindling in the number of guests present. If a couple is looking to invite every person they know till date, a destination wedding would not be the right option as this would make the cost shoot out of the roof. Sure, it is sad if someone who was close can’t make it due to the location. At the same time, the expenses and arrangements needed will not make it binding for you to invite some distant cousin that you never laid eyes on. Instead, the ceremony will be smaller and more intimate, making for a better function. And with the reduced cost, the couple can now spend that extra money on an extra special honeymoon.

However, many people would consider this a major disadvantage. It is natural that a large number of friends and family will not be able to drop everything and take an extended trip just to attend the event. Whether due to time or health restraints, many people will be unable to travel and be present as well. Thus, it is possible that some close people and special guests would end up opting out of the ceremony due to various constraints. So, if the couple always envisioned a celebration with large guest list with every family member standing by their side and a group of their close friends alongside them, then a destination event would not be the best option as there certainly will be fewer guests,.

Another thing that can be tricky for the couple is the fact that being in a new location gives couples the opportunity to book some nice excursions and sight-seeing trips for oneself as well as for those attending as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the celebrations. While giving the relatives and friends a treat of this sort would be a nice once in a lifetime gift, it would involve added expenses and would need a certain amount of additional planning too. However, if the couple has the money to spend on something like this, they can bet that it will be a very memorable trip for the guests and one that will not go forgotten.

So when one weighs the pros and cons together, most people would look at a destination wedding as an enjoyable vacation coupled with a wedding. The couple can just as easily continue to have their honeymoon at the same location and bask in the beauty of a new place.

However finally, the choice remains with the couple as there are a lot of factors that have to be considered when deciding to have a destination wedding. We have shared plenty of tips to help you better organize a destination event that you must check out!