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Services We Offer Fort Destination Celebrations

The land of sun, sand and sea, steeped in culture and tradition is the perfect destination for a dream wedding. The quintessential geographic location of this little state provides myriad different venues to choose from. Right from quaint country cottages with beautiful picturesque views to immaculate villas with classic Portuguese Baroque architecture. Not to forget the abundance of 5 star hotels ready to cater to your every need and the vast expanse of golden sands melding together with the beautiful colors that accompany an evening sunset, creating a picture-perfect setting.

Venues and accomodation

After all the preparations, couples have to find the right location to celebrate their big day. Finding a place that is large enough to house all the invited guests makes sense. If the place hired is too large, it would house guests perfectly, but it would look empty, as though the result of a poor turnout. If the space is small, the guests would be uncomfortable, or worse, there might not be enough room on the dance floor.

Another important aspect is the type of venue being used for a wedding. Although it is common for couples to use reception venues, which feature a giant dance floor and a lot of seating room, there are alternatives in the state as well. Weddings are now being held atop yachts, and inside large houses that have been renovated and created for this specific reason as well. Beach weddings are extremely popular as well and there are plenty  taking place in the state.

When it comes to wedding halls, there is a choice between having a wedding in an outdoor or indoor hall. Ideally, this would depend on the size of the crowd attending the wedding and the type of decor being handled. We have added a few details about the ambiance and the decor below.

Ambience and decor

The overall harmony and class of a wedding is often dictated by the decor. Right from the choice of the flowers to the way they are arranged, the lighting and manner of incorporation of the wedding theme colours into every aspect of the ceremony; each element play a vital deciding role.

The decor would change based on the location of the wedding. Wedding planners cannot use the same decor indoor and outdoor and they have to modify it  slightly. Other changes have to be kept in mind as well, like the cold, dew or sudden rains. Other aspects to consider, the sound. The venue sound requirements would increase were the wedding taking place outdoor.

Eat, drink and make merry

Goa is known for its delectable mouth-watering cuisine and a wedding is the perfect occasion to showcase the variety that this little state has to offer. Being a land of surf and sand, the sea food available is always fresh and delicious, so make sure that your caterers include some in your wedding menu. Having a live counter at your wedding would add a lot of pizzaz, however all good things come at a cost, so be ready with your cheque book. Goa is also known for a variety of local drinks which can be incorporated into refreshing and exotic cocktails just for the occasion.

Getting the right caterers would also depend on the type of wedding reception being organized. If the event is taking place at a hotel, the catering would ideally be handled by the venue otherwise it would have to be handled separately.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Wedding memories forever remain alive through the photographs and videos taken on the big-day. There are a number of brilliant photographers to choose from, each with a unique style. With pre-wedding photoshoots as also coverage of the entire day, along with a fun pre-reception or post wedding shoot, drone coverage and photojournalist styles trending, one might need to book their photographer well in advance to get the best of all worlds.

Another major change incorporated in the photography of a wedding is getting the audience involved. Creating a Facebook or Instagram hashtag is the new basic requirements for a wedding. The attendees and guests at a wedding are by default informed that they have to click and upload images of the wedding, the process leading up to the wedding and a few shots post wedding to the hashtag. Many weddings are now removing the videographer from the scene altogether, and using Instagram and their audience to keep a track of everything.

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair and make-up can be

As any woman would agree, first put on makeup, then do everything else. Getting the perfect hair-do and make for the big day is extremely important to the bride and her entourage. With a melange of trends out there, right from soft, natural and dewy to big bold and dramatic, it’s best to hire an artist who you feel confident with to give you a fabulous look.

Feel the rhythm and get grooving

Music usually sets the tone for the evening, livening up moods and really getting the party started. Goa has a vast array of live bands, musicians and DJs to get you footloose and free to enjoy the night. For an authentic Goan vibe, get some mandos, dulpods and other konkani songs to be a part of your mixed dance set.

Depending on the type of crowd being invited, and the type of wedding being planned, couples have to choose between a DJ or a band. Bands add the authentic wedding feeling to a ceremony, however, DJs add an upbeat club vibe which would definitely click with a younger audience. Some couples handle the best of both worlds and have a DJ for some part of the wedding and a band for the rest. Ideally speaking, the wedding march and the last set, or final wedding dance, is usually done by the band since it involves a slow dance.