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Planning a Destination Wedding in Goa: Tips

Destination weddings have become all the rage in today’s world. Although it is certainly not a piece of cake, if the couple is well-prepared and have spent a considerable amount of time planning the entire thing, it can certainly be pulled off properly.

Having a destination wedding in Goa brings with it the twin benefits of have a mini vacation not just for the couple but for their family too. However, they need to ensure that the planning begins at least a year in advance so that there is no question of botching up at the last minute. The most important thing is to have a timeline so that everything is in place before the big day.

Must-do things for a destination wedding in Goa

First, choose the right date as this can either make or break a wedding. If the couple is planning to have it sometime between September and January, they will have to dig deep into their pockets to manage the costs as being ‘peak time’ in Goa, things are quite expensive.

From a regular Catholic wedding in one of the many architecturally beautiful churches to a casual beach side wedding under the stars, the options of reception venues are plenty ranging from forts to lavish 5-star resorts and more. Thus, the couple needs to pick the wedding theme early on so that narrowing down on places will be easier. We have reviewed some of the most popular venues in South Goa for those looking to book a venue.

Plan a budget and stick to it. Once a budget is in place, it will make the other plans move much easier. Every arrangement can then be negotiated further or settled on if the financial plan is properly worked out. Once the budget is sorted and the type of wedding the couple wishes to have is planned, the next thing is to zero in on a venue that appeals to the couple.

However, it doesn’t end when the couple finds what they are looking for. Just to make sure there is no miscommunication at the last minute, they will have to plan a short trip to Goa to check the venue in person. If it is acceptable, book it immediately because being a popular wedding destination, you can bet that it may be completely filled up a few days later. In order to make sure the booking is done right, the couple needs to put down all the agreements on paper so that there are no surprise costs or changes that are thrown their way on the wedding day.

Couples should compile a guest list as early as possible as most decisions hinge on the number of people being invited for the ceremony. Since this will be an outstation ceremony, it would be best for the couple to keep their list short as the costs will have to be borne by them.

Before launching into the entire thing, the couple will have to do a bit of research on the local marriage requirements in Goa. For instance, knowing whether there is a license needed to perform a marriage in the state, along with all the other do’s and don’ts of the state. Instead of waiting for the last minute, it would be good to finalise the celebrant as well, whether it is a priest for the Catholics or a pundit for a Hindu ceremony. The reason being, the travel and accommodation arrangements will have to be made for these persons as well.

However, even if the couple plans on picking a local celebrant to perform the marriage rites, the booking will have to be done beforehand so that there is no chance of being left without a celebrant after the entire wedding entourage reaches Goa.

Booking the vendors is the next important step. Since it is an unknown location, the couple will have to find vendors and book them in advance so that everything can run smoothly on the given day. Grab the contact details of all the required people so that updates and arrangements can be further discussed over the phone, if needed.

Most importantly, don’t wait for the last moment to book tickets. Booking during the tourist season can be troublesome and the prices are bound to sky rocket. Instead, couples should book at least 7 months in advance so that they will have not have any trouble getting all their guests to the destination.

All these details need to be taken care of more than 6 months before the final date. However, it doesn’t end here. The planning just gets greater as D-Day dawns nearer.

Plans to make 6 months before the wedding

Now that the major decisions and arrangements are out of the way, the couple needs to dwell on the finer details. Unless the reception venue has a hotel for guests to stay in, the couple will have to start looking for rooms nearby for all the invited guests. Booking 4 to 6 months beforehand is recommended as the couple is likely to get better deals.

Transportation will also have to be thought of. Being a state decorated with lush greenery and fields, moving from one location to the next would require sufficient vehicles, not just for the bridal entourage but for the guests too. As soon as the flow of events is finalised, couples should pin down the travel arrangements.

As the Countdown Continues…..

Vendors providing various services should be confirmed about two months before the ceremony. The details of what they are providing with their availability on the given day should be put down in writing and settled. Formal invites will have to be sent so that the guests can begin confirming their presence.

The dresses and suits must be ready for packing and hauling, a month before the ceremony. The couple should confirm with the hotels that were booked. As the couple nears the last two weeks leading up the event, they need to ensure that the travel arrangements are in stone.

Finally, when there is just a week left, the couple can spend a few days packing so that it is not done in haste and nothing is forgotten. As soon as the couple steps foot into Goa, they should check the ceremony and reception areas to make sure everything will flow smoothly on the big day.

On the wedding day, the only thing the couple needs to do is relax and ensure they have their rings. With all the planning that was done before, now comes the chance to bask in the glory of their special day.