Best churches in Goa to tie the knot

Most people are now looking to have their perfect wedding in Goa. This is saying a lot since Goa is a beautiful place and the ideal location to tie the knot. Choosing the right location for your big day in the state can sometimes be quite the challenge. All the same, there are a couple of things that should be kept in mind when having the perfect wedding here. Furthermore, the right permissions have to be sought from the Bishop of  Goa to make sure that he has no objections if it is a church nuptial.

Some of the most beautiful churches to tie the knot are;

St Cajetan’s in Old Goa

The Church of St. Cajetan has a facade representing that of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The Roman designed church was built during the Portuguese era and completed in 1661 and is a world heritage site. The church is shaped like a Greek cross with a dome with Latin inscriptions from the Gospel of Matthew on its inside. The church has two levels of seating for the attendees of the mass.

Bom Jesus Basilica

The Bom Jesus Basilica is one of the most well-known churches in the state. It holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier that have not decayed although he has been dead for about five centuries. The church is only open to people from the Roman Catholic faith . It is currently managed by the Jesuits. The church has a high roof and is connected to the retreat house that holds retreats for school children.

The Chapel of Three Kings

This chapel located in South Goa, in a village called Cansaulim, on the top of a hill got its name from the yearly celebration of the feast of the three wise men on 6th January. The locals believe that the chapel is haunted and heading there in the middle of the night is bad luck. However, the view, the decorations and the climb up the massive mountain is something dreams are made of.

Mae De Deus Church

This is the only gothic style church in Goa, put up in 1873. Located in Saligao at the end of a long field, this church definitely has what it takes to be a wedding venue. The church has a lot of steeples that go higher than the main church. It has a parking lot to the side of the church as well and is located right alongside the main Saligao Calangute road.

Holy Spirit Church

Located at the entrance of the Margao city, this almost 5-century old church has been the venue for many nuptials and celebrations. It has two levels and is said to have been built atop a shrine or status of a deity back when the Portuguese first came to Goa. the church is large and can easily house a thousand guests which makes it the perfect location for a large crowd.

St. Inez Church

Although the church is located on the outskirts of Panaji, it is not the Panjim church. This church submits to the main Panjim Church which is the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception located at the top overlooking the entire city. The St. Inez Church, named after St Agnes, still follows the old architecture of the Portuguese. It has a very large cemetery to the right of the church and a beautiful altar with the front of the church decorated to perfection.