What can couples do on their honeymoon in India’s smallest state?

Popularly known  as  holiday and wedding destination Goa also offers honeymoon-goers a nice romantic getaway that includes plenty of entertainment, excellent nightlife, scenic locations and luxurious stays and more! Here are some activities that couples can indulge in when on their honeymoon.

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Hollant beach

This beautiful beach located in the Vasco area has the perfect blend of solitude and village. The beach is located right next to the Bogmalo beach and has a small village nearby. This gives the visitors their alone time, while not leaving them completely isolated. Spend some time here going for a walk on the beach, through the clear water, or just lazing around in the sand.

Butterfly beach

The butterfly beach is located in the Palolem area, between two hills. There are a number of watersport activities that can be explored  like dolphin watching, kayaking, diving, and spotting dolphins.

Mandrem beach

This beach is not given enough credit for the clean and clear sand and water that it has. Unlike a majority of the beaches, this beach is not as populated than its other counterparts allowing people visiting it to spend some time alone.

Besides the beaches, there is so more to explore. The state is surrounded by ghats on the eastern side of the state and that being said, makes for some beautiful waterfalls.

Dudhsagar waterfalls

Although beautiful as ever, the Dudhsagar waterfall does receive a lot of tourist attention, it is a widely popular tourist hotspot. The waterfall is not easily accessible since it is located in the forests of Sonaulim. Trekking on a rainy day is an interesting activity and can be turned into an amazing bonding experience too.

Arvalem waterfalls

Another interesting waterfall but not as known as the Dudhsagar is located right alongside the Arvalem caves. It does not have a lot of tourists visiting it since it is not that well known, but spending some time there watching the water is definitely spellbinding.

For the water-babies there are islands that are definitely worth exploring together. An interesting fact is that the state capital is an island as well. Access to Panjim is through the Mandovi river or bridge from the North and the Zuari river and bridge from the South of Goa.

Chorao island

Located right on the Ribandar road, getting to the island can be quite the challenge. However, the ferry ride to the island is certainly a  romantic ride you could take together. The island is quite beautiful and quite secluded with trees, small roads and open fields. It also has plenty of Portuguese styled houses there as well and walking through the long winding streets is very relaxing and comforting.

Diwar island

Another island only connected by ferries since there haven’t been any bridges built yet is Diwar that right alongside Chorao. Getting a ferry from the island of Chorao should not take too long, other routes to the island would go through Old Goa.