Goa’s most talked about tourist attractions!

There are so many things that can be done in the small state of Goa. Tourists come from many miles to enjoy the scene in Goa. Since Goa has a lot of attractions throughout the state, here are a few honorable mentions that would help prioritise better.


Commonly called the Ancestral Goa Museum, Bigfoot is located in Loutolim and it works on showcasing the rural life of Goa as it was a hundred years ago under the Portuguese. This location is privately run by an artist named Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares. It is open to the public to show them the life in Goa and is an amazing activity to handle over a weekend.

Fort Aguada and Tiracol

Goa has a lot of forts since it has a giant coastline. The forts used to protect the state at the time, from invaders coming in through the sea. They were all armed and ready for battle back in the Portuguese days. Today a lot of the forts around the state are in ruins but the Government did manage to save a few and checking them out provides for an amazing view and gives visitors a chance to be part of history. They were all strategically located so they even provide a good view of the waters and the area around.

Keri beach

One of the lesser-known beaches in Goa, located to the North of the state, Keri is a favourite for picnics and meetings of smaller groups of people. The beach has a small part of it covered with pine trees so it provides some amazing shade. Tourists can enjoy long walks on the beach or spend some time building sand castles.

Old Goa

If Goan architecture is what floats your boat, Old Goa is the place to be. There are a couple of churches in the area and all of them follow the architecture of the Portuguese rule in Goa. One of the churches, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, holds the relics of St. Francis Xavier who is the patron saint of Goa. His body has been there for more than five centuries but it still hasn’t decayed.

Other churches in the area are, the Se Cathedral dedicated to St. Catherine by Alfonso de Albuquerque a Portuguese General. The St. Augustine’s tower and finally the St. Cajetan’s Church which follows the framework of St. Peter’s in Rome.

Captain of Ports

Another interesting part of Goa, the port located around Panjim, connects tourists in Goa to a lot of casinos. There are other cruises that leave the shores of Goa and head out to the Mandovi river every day but these are at the entrance to the city. The captain of ports has their head office in the city but is connected to the Mormugao port in some way and they distribute their work between the two.

There is a lot more that can be done in the state but these are some of the top items on my list.