Things to do in North Goa

Being a tourist destination, there are a lot of touristy things for people to explore when they visit. Broadly categorized, there are usually two types of tourists, the ones looking to explore the vibrant nightlife here, and the ones who prefer taking it slow, relax and laze and explore a few sites and sounds while at it. Here are a number of activities that can be explored by tourists that are spending their time in Northern part of the state.

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Walks on the beach

The beaches are definitely what attracts many a visit here being a must. An walk by the beach one evening is a must do. Seeing the setting sun is a beautiful sight to see.

Cidade beach, Dona Paula

This beach is a little out of the way and most tourists travel right passed it without even realizing it exists. Take the road heading to Bambolim and you should find the Cidade de Goa resort on the right, take the next road heading toward the coastline and you are there.


This beach is located a little off the Bambolim slope after GMC. It is the perfect place for a quiet picnic in the shade. The beach is connected to a rather shoreline that allows for long walks or even lying in the sand and watching the stars at night.

There are other activities that could tickle someone’s fancy.

The by lane connecting Panjim to the small town of Santa Cruz passes through a smaller town called Fontainhas. Fontainhas is beautiful and filled with ancient styled Portuguese houses. These houses are earmarked as a World Heritage Site and people living still follow the same design when they maintaining or rebuilding. Furthermore, Fontainhas has its own art gallery that has a assortments of paintings and other types of art based on contemporary as well as modern styles. Another interesting town to visit are the houses that follow the Portuguese architecture in Aldona that is situated in a quiet village that showcases a number of ancestral homes still present from the Portuguese era.

If architecture is what tourists are looking for, the churches and temples  are definitely going to be a treat for everyone. Old Goa has some of the oldest, well maintained and most beautiful churches in the state. The Saligao church is also a one of a kind structure, built following gothic architecture. The Mahalaxmi temple and the Sai Baba temple both located in Panjim are some more places that are definitely worth checking out from an architectural point of view.

The villages of Guirim, Bastora, Olaulim, Penha de Franca  are must visit villages to explore the culture, food and lifestyle of the locals. These locations also make amazing spots to catch the sunset.

Visiting the capital city of Panjim will allow you to explore the sights and sounds of everyday life here.  While here you can visit iconic landmarks such as the Panjim Church, the Kala Academy, Panajim market, Miramar etc.