Activities to participate in when in South Goa

South Goa has a bunch of activities that would significantly improve a tourists trip to Goa. Other than participating in a mainstream party, it would make sense to check out and absorb a lot of Goa as well. Goa has and is known for a lot more than just beaches and parties, there is some amazing architecture in the state. The state also does see interesting art, culture and even food. Goa is unlike most of India since it was ruled by the Portuguese.

Visiting North Goa? Check Out these major attractions as well!

Here are a couple of things tourists can check out and participate in when they are visiting South Goa.

The architecture that can be seen down South is like nothing that can be seen in most other parts of the state. The houses here have been maintained following the initial designs from the Portuguese regime. People can stroll through windy streets on a sunny evening and check out the houses and the activities taking place.

The Holy Spirit Church is another architectural beauty in Margao. The church has been standing around for almost five centuries and still maintains the same look that it initially had. Christians should visit the church for a mass, to check out the general feeling inside. The roof is several stories high and it is acoustically very pleasing as well. Other similar places include the chapel of three kings, that is rumoured to be haunted. It is located in Cansaulim on the top of a beautiful hill. The view from the church is amazing and spans out miles and miles of fields, greenery and coconut plantations, not forgetting rivers and small lakes.

There are a couple of beaches down South that are definitely worth a trip. The Palolem and Agonda beach are a little mainstream but they are clean and have a bunch of activities that can be participated in when there. There are activities like water scooters, banana rides, parasailing and so on taking place right there. Furthermore, being located quite far down South, they do not get a lot of people in comparison to Colva or Benaulim also located in South Goa. Other beaches that might appeal to tourists looking for some quiet, would be, Hollant or the Bogmalo beach. These two beaches are located within driving distance from the airport. They also have their share of tourists but they are quite secluded and would give visitors some alone time to themselves.

The Marmagao port has existed since the time of the Portuguese and has a fort on the nearby hill overlooking the entire area. During the Portuguese rule, the fort would always be armed to protect the port and harbour. Now, although the port is still being used a lot, and is Goa’s main port, the fort has retired to the position of a tourist destination.

There are a bunch of resorts to the South which would provide some amazing meals and stays. If they are booked in advance, visitors can end up finding the most reasonable prices possible. A few significant mentions are Radison Blue, Majorda beach resort or even the Bomalo beach resort which is Government run.

With so much to do, tourists are going to have their hands full for quite some time when visiting the state.