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Tying the knot In Goa

In the last decade, Goa has slowly become the choice for a number of couples to celebrate their big day. With exotic beach side venues, opulent hotels that cater to the your every need and the opportunity to have an outdoor sunset ceremony with a view of the waves kissing the shore; a picturesque setting that undoubtedly  the prime choice of many . Most of the venues need only a little décor to emphasize their natural scenic beauty and hence besides being a beautiful and exotic destination it can also end up being an economical one.

Monsoon wedding are also gathering popularity off-late as many decide to take advantage of the off-season tariffs and make the most of their celebration here. The lush green fields along with palms gently dancing in the rain make it a dream setting for photographers while the amazing monsoon offers thrown in by hotels and the pleasant dewy petrichor lingering in the air after a downpour make it equally desirable during the monsoons.

Finding the right venue isnt a tall task at all. There are are a number of options, including seashore lawns, hotels with private beaches and quaint indoor halls with picturesque views, however the choice would also depend on your guest list and whether you want an intimate function with only your near and dear ones or want to go all out and have a larger crowd.

There’s a lot that goes into executing a destination celebration and it’s often best to hire an event manager to manage the entire event. A local coordinator work best as they are a lot familiar with venues and are well experienced to manage it all.

Most brides want to do things differently not wanting to have another cookie-cutter celebration thus keeping planners on their toes, coming up with novel ideas. These professionals go all out to make this day as smooth as possible by providing complete assistance with their room bookings, selection of the venue, food menu’s, coordination of guest’s pickups as well as finer details like flowers and centerpieces. Themed parties are also a part of the festivities, as a part of the pre-event bashes like the bachelor/bachelorette parties or the Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies. Many like make their event to be a 2 or 3 day affair with differently themed functions on each day along with the necessary religious ceremonies. Themed parties really set the tone as they help  guests channelize their excitement creatively.

Seemingly, the ideal time to tie the knot here is between the months of October to April as one can be assured of pleasant weather along with clear skies. Since couples primarily choose a beach front location  for a destination celebration mainly due to the myriad open air venues with amazing views, it would be a shame to have the event in months when the weather is not conducive to doing so. However,  if a pool or beach side monsoon celebration is what one is looking for, the months from June to September are ideal as they coincide with the monsoon season. It might seem like a tall order to want an outdoor event while staying dry, however event coordinators nowadays make provisions for a small gathering to party under waterproof gazebos installed on lawns.

While selecting a venue, one might want to keep in mind that one with multiple locations within the same property is ideal, especially when smaller pre or post event functions are part of the festivities. Also by choosing a starred hotel as the  venue, take care of such as parking, seating, licensing and catering which otherwise might have to be individually attended to.

For those on a limited budget, instead of going for a seaside venue which costs quite a bit, pick something a little away but has multiple outdoor locations for your functions and is at least driving distance to the seashore. A couple of things to keep in mind besides the season, are the weather as it tends to be quite humid, as also the time around which the sun sets on the lead-up to the big day. This is very important in order to plan your photo shoot and is also crucial to know if you are looking for a sunset ceremony.

Lastly, apply for the necessary permits and licenses required if you are having a beach ceremony. Licenses generally take at least 3-4 weeks so apply well in advance.