Basic to do list for a Goan wedding

Planning a marriage is not a piece of cake. Other than the ceremony and reception, which we will get to in a bit, there are a bunch of legal procedures that have to be followed. The Government of Goa has a bunch of rules that stand true no matter what an ideal wedding looks like according to the couple.

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Here are a few formalities that couples have to take care of before their big day

  • Goa Civil registrar’s office

The marriage has to be registered at the Goa Civil registrars office, which is the only thing looked at as an official statement of the wedding. The ceremony, reception and the rest of the extravagant event would not mean much without a proper registration.

A majority of the couples prefer getting their marriage registered before they begin planning anything else. It would just be a nuisance getting this done after the official celebration.

  • Marriage preparation program

If the marriage is taking place in a church, there are a couple of rules to be followed. There are courses organized by the church to equip unmarried couples when tying the knot. The courses extend a couple of weeks or can be spread out according to the convenience of the couple. However, they have to be completed before the big day.

  • Marriage Vows

The marriage process requires a couple of vows to be exchanged between the soon to be husband and wife. These are not just as simple as coming up with interesting and well-worded sentences. There is a lot more that goes into it. Making sure the vows are written down, while following the rules is another important aspect of tying the knot.

  • Liturgical rules

There are specific reading and hymns that go along with a mass, depending on the day of the week, and the specific time of the year. Even if there are specific Bible passages couples would like to incorporate in their mass, they have to make sure they go with the rest of the mass.

Ideally,  liturgical services are not handled during the time of lent (40 days before Easter). Services are also kept away from advent (the days leading up to Christmas). There are exceptions to these rules and with special permission, a ceremony can be celebrated during this time as well.

The rest of the responsibilities handled at a big day are:

Finding the right reception

Couples have to decide what kind of a venue they are looking for before settling on a location. It should be the right distance for all their guests to travel. Goa is known for a lot of things, but proper transportation was never one of them. If the reception venue is not close to where the service took place, transportation has to be arranged for the guests.

Couples have to choose a location based on the size of their guest list, making sure they do not stretch out to either extreme, a very large hall or a small one. They would also have to consider if they want the reception in the outdoors or indoor. There are pros and cons of a reception at either location but it would again depend on the guest list, and the decor.

Finding the right caterer

Food is everything, and unfortunately, some guests will only be at the reception party to get their share of it. Finding the right caterer is a very big deal and making sure the menu matches the requirements and the dietary preferences of the guest is another important aspect that must be considered.

Adding a live counter makes the buffet table look way better, however, it does take a toll of the pockets of the spender.

Making sure vegetarian and the non-vegetarian guests are accounted for is another challenge that might arise. Go through the guest list, and find out the food preferences and allergies if any of the guests. Accordingly, make sure these details are conveyed to the caterer and in turn to the people serving the food.

Getting the perfect shot

Photographers play a very big part in such a memorable event as pictures are going to stay with the couple for life. There is no way of re-living it and getting a different batch of pictures. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to choose the right photographer from the get-go.

Videography is another aspect that has to be accounted for. With the coming in of Instagram and Snapchat, everyone is suddenly an expert behind the lens. This can benefit the couple by using  hashtag on social media. Get all the images and videos in one space on social media. They can then be downloaded and watched later.

Adding the right music by the perfect band

The most memorable moments of the reception party is usually the first march, the parent-child dance, and the last dance. Some might consider the photoshoot or the dinner but those moments are subjective.

To make these dances memorable, the band would have to do a spectacular job. This would then depend on the band that had been chosen for the wedding. Some bands take long breaks and play a lot of canned music, others prefer going on for long stretches of time without any. This would have to be a decision that the couple would have to make depending on the crowd. Nowadays, couples prefer getting a DJ and having the crowd groove to a club set up. If the crowd is young and up for that kind of a party, it would make sense, however the main dances and the important sets, especially the last one, has to be handled by a band or something close.

Finding everything in this article under one roof is not easy, but there are places that would be able to assist with this. Get in touch with them for more information.