Finding the best wedding package at popular venues across Goa

A wedding is one of the best things in the world, but organizing one can end up quite stressful. Someone once said the test of organizing such a memorable event and surviving it would determine how strong a couple the husband and wife are going to make. I do not think a husband and wife should subject themselves to such a harsh test considering life is stressful as it is.

All is not lost and if a couple is wondering how they can organize their big day without going through the struggle of organizing one, there is a silver lining. There are people who are just a phone call away, more than happy to get this done for you. There are also packages that hotels and resorts throw your way to assist in getting this done.

Here are some of the packages to go through looking for the right one that matches your likes and preferences. Some venues also allow mixing of different packages to create a customized package.

These are the packages at various venues across Goa  as per locations are:

  • Crystal Rock in Loutolim

If you are looking for a reception  in amongst a village setting of Loutolim, this is the place to be. The venue has been crafted into the hill and is surrounded by rocks and small fountains. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city which gives it this quiet and all-to-ourselves feeling.

Depending on the deal struck with the management, discounts and additional incentives can be agreed upon. The venue does have their own catering, however, if external catering is being sought, they might be open to working out a deal.

It should be mentioned that it can easily house about 700 people depending on the arrangement of the chairs and tables. Furthermore, the venue is outdoor, right under the stars allowing the guests to receive some cold mountain breeze through their hair, especially after roughing themselves up on the dance floor.

  • Quinta de Valadares in Verna

Quinta de Valadares was not long ago an upcoming hall. Now they have made it big and created quite the name for themselves. This spacious hall can house up to 1200 guests with a dance floor that seems to extend for miles. It is looked down upon by the bandstand which matches the floor in width.

The venue has a restaurant right next door but the restaurant is a lot smaller. The restaurant is open the year around, which gives the venue a constant supply of guests. This venues is also known to host several shows and entertainment all throughout the year as well.

This venue in particular is a outdoor venue that is surrounded by one of the nicest and well-kept plantations of coconut trees, banana trees and a lot more. Being located off the main national highway, it is not located near any major town or village creating an in-between-places effect.

  • Blueberry hills in Verna

Another venue that should not be difficult to find, Blueberry hills is located right off the airport road, closer to the National highway. The venue is large and can hold more than 1500 people, depending on the decor. They also managed to add a well-lit parking lot, that can hold up to 100 cars.

This hall also went a step further and added a four-way buffet set up. Unlike a lot of halls, this one is built to hold guests indoor so the dew or cool night breeze doesn’t bother anyone. They do have an outdoor set up as well which can be used depending on the number of guests.

  • Cotta Mansion in Agassaim

Unlike the previous two venues, this one is located alongside the main road. A couple of years in the past, it was touching National highway, which has now been diverted. Unlike most venues, Cotta mansion has ample parking space, not causing traffic issues alongside the road.

Cotta mansion has a very large hall, so if the number of guests in attendance is between 500 to 800, this venue is most suited. The dance floor is surrounded by lawns and greenery through and through. The giant house built matching Portuguese architecture provides the perfect setting for a very Goan wedding.

The pricing has to be discussed with the owner. The venue does have their own catering but they do allow external caterers upon the couples request. The venue also has their choice of band and compère but again they are open to switching them out for a price.

  • Taligao Community Hall in Taligao

This giant hall situated right opposite the Taligao church is the perfect place to be if you are having a large crowd and are restricted to having an urban area. The Community Hall is located in the heart of Taligao and should be able to house between 700 – 900 people. The inside of the hall can be partitioned depending on the needs of the couple.

Although the venue does have a giant lawn outdoor, there is also an a indoor venue within their premises as well. The venue also provides ample parking space. This hall is run by the Taligao Panchayat, so pricing and rate negotiations would have to be done there. An additional benefit is that there are giant discounts on the venue for people living in Taligao since they are part of the community.

  • Penha de Franca open-air hall – Penha de Franca

This giant venue has been built for an outdoor party. It can hold up to 1000 guests and is located right next to the Penha de Franca church. The church has a football ground and doubles as a parking lot for all the attendees.

If in search of a romantic selling point for this venue, it is located on the riverfront and overlooks the capital of Goa. Since most weddings take place after the sun goes down, the colours and the lights add to the beauty. The food and the band can be negotiated with the management who might be open to getting external catering.

If in need of catering and band requirements, most venues handle that as well.