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Wedding season in Goa

If you’re planning on getting married in Goa by its beautiful beaches, one of the first questions you’d probably find yourself asking is when? As always, there’s a short and long answer. The short one is anytime of the year; the long one would depend on a few factors and what you really have in mind for your big day.

In general, Goa witnesses couples tying the knot from diverse cultures and religions, each preferring a specific time of the year. Within the catholic and Christian community, the Lenten season which begins around February or March and lasts 40 days, up to April of May, sees a sizeable decline in the number of couples getting married. Immediately after Easter Sunday however, the festivities begin again in full swing. Other religious communities are most often seen celebrating all year round. The monsoon season dampens the traditional festive spirit a little, however those couples who want to have a monsoon bash look forward to the months from June to September.

So let’s take a look at few of the factors that may influence your decision on when to have your big celebration in Goa.

  1.       Consider the weather

If you’re looking to host an outdoor event in Goa, the best time to do so would be in the winter season ( end October to early February). The weather being cool and pleasant is conducive to endless festivities. The months of April, May and October are hot and humid and usually not preferred, however if you’re looking to have a sunset beach ceremony, even these months would be great. Goa being the hub of destination weddings, sees people booking their dream venues well in advance, so a word of advice would be to do the same at least 6 months if not a year before the big day. Also, the sooner you book the venue and send out your save the date cards, the earlier your guests, flying in from all over can book their tickets at a more affordable price.

  1.      Time constraints and busy schedules

In this day and age where everyone seems to be busy and always on the go, it often isn’t the weather that dictates when the event ought to take place, but rather the schedule of the couple and their family members. Often the couple works abroad and may have only a short time span during which to tie the knot. A splash and dash wedding cum vacation like that could probably end up being in the off season months as well since it’s easier to get venues at these times of the year.

Another factor that could influence the couple’s decision is the schedules of near and dear ones that would like at their ceremony. Tying the knot after all is an emotional time and many couples would prefer having their loved ones present with them on their big day irrespective of the weather conditions, adjusting to make the necessary arrangements.

  1.       The holiday season

Although the months of April and May and the warmest and most humid, they happen to coincide with school summer holidays. The festivals of Diwali, around October and Christmas in December also result in the kids having a few weeks break from school. This often plays a major role in deciding the date as holidays ensure that the parents as well as their kids are free and available to help as well as be a part of your celebration. These holiday months usually tend to coincide with trips by relatives from abroad as well as other parts of the country.

The only downside to  summer months is the high heat and humidity, however a twilight ceremony along a beach side lawn would be a perfect setting even at this time of the year.

  1.       Money matters

No matter how small or intimate a ceremony one decides to have, it usually turns out to be an expensive affair. In the light of this, it is often wise to cut costs wherever possible, without compromising on the elegance and class of the celebration. The months from June to September are usually considered off season and hence most vendors as also venues will be available and at more economical rates as compared to the peak season. A slight compromise may have to worked out however in terms of choosing an indoor venue, as these are the monsoon months and the likelihood of rain dampening your big day are pretty high. Another cool and exciting alternative that the couple could consider is having a pool side monsoon wedding which is perfect for the season as well as easy on your pockets.

  1.       Auspicious dates

Choosing the perfect time to say ‘I do’ is one of the most important decisions for the couple to make, as it involves selecting a date that works for everyone but is still special to them. A lot of couples want their wedding day to coincide with that of their parents, or would like it to be the date they saw, met or said yes to being with each other. Some may consider getting married on the birthday of their significant other, or on some other day that is special to the both of them like Valentine’s Day or perhaps a particular saint’s feast day.

The decision to choose Goa as the destination for your big day, in itself is the first step to a very memorable and unique experience. Few places in the world have the perfect blend of culture and heritage along with stunning landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine that Goa does. The only big question left unanswered is ‘when’, but I’m sure that this article has shed some light on the main factors influencing this decision. So, go ahead and begin planning for the big day because as the good old saying goes, “time and tide wait for no man”.