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Can wedding planners fit into your budget?

A wedding planner can be considered an comprehensive description for an array of services that are organised and serviced by a single point of contact. Initially, the industry worked by receiving a percentage of the cost of a wedding however most coordinators today charge a flat rate for the services they provide.  This would vary depending  on the packages or services you wish to hire them for; these are broadly categorized as  Consulting Service, the Day of Coordination Service or the Full-Service offering.

What do these packages include?

To start off, the Consulting Package is a ‘bill-by-the-hou’r service where certain areas that need assistance are addressed, whether it is vendor suggestions or venue choices or even decor ideas. These interactions generally take place before all major vendors or venue decisions are made. These meetings are also used as opportunities to promote a Day of Coordination package or even a Full Service Package putting-forth to clients what they can expect if they were to be hired.

The cost of consultation can vary between Rs. 2,000/- to 4,000/- an hour for less experienced agency. For a well-established planning agency, consultation services fees can begin at Rs. 6,000/- and go above and beyond 9,000/- an hour.

The end goal of this service is to offer professional advice and guidance. Many agencies also offer insights on pricing and also share the personal experiences with venues, location, vendors etc.

Day of Coordination Package: A Must-Have?

Some brides like the thrill of getting into the details of organizing every aspect by themselves. This service is leans more towards providing professional assistance on the day-of. Brides can seek assistance on the day-of which essentially is coordinating on the brides behalf. This package can be booked at an early date but the services will be provided  only a week or two before the big day.

All major tasks that needs to be attended to such as creating a detailed timeline, engaging with vendors that are hired; check contract information, review contracts signed, tasks at the venues etc . Once the coordinator is familiarized with the client’s expectations, they would have to also check on the ceremony and reception venues and also organize the rehearsal. Their presence on the day of the ceremony entails coordinating the sequence of events which is essentially the primary aspect of their responsibilities.

The cost of this package would vary depending on the location, number of reception venues, etc. In non- urban areas, it can be availed at a price of Rs. 30,000/- to 50,000/- and in large cities, the cost of a day’s of package on an average can start from 50,000/- and upwards.

This service is highly recommended to brides that need a helping hand by a team of professionals from the industry to manage the show on her behalf.

Full Service Package: A Frequent Choice

Many event professionals only offer the Full Service Package especially those who are well experienced on the job. In a full service contract package, the event coordinator has an indepth idea about the couples likes and preferences and is expected to  transform their vision to a reality. A Full Service package is often the choice of couples that have hectic professional lives or don’t wish to get in all the intricacies of  organizing the event themselves. Majority of the agencies often prefer the full service arrangement as they have better control over every aspect of planning and executing the celebration.

These professionals hire their own team of vendors that they usually work with in the past and are highly confident of what they can deliver. All the necessary  arrangements are discussed with the client who can equally participate in planning as well. Many clients prefer this package as it provides them with a comprehensive set of services, giving them less to worry about and let the pros do the heavy lifting on their behalf!

Whether a couple is planning on approaching an event professional just for a few advice sessions or to take on the entire package, an initial discussion will give you a better understanding whether the person would be the right fit and also being able to transform your ideas to reality is a close possibility.

In terms of comparing pricing most event management agencies will always price themselves within the range of what is being offered by the competitors in the area.  With a bit of research and by speaking to a few over the phone you would get a fair idea of what the average pricing is however, it is always recommended to make a shortlist of your preferred choices and schedule a meeting in person.