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Do you need a wedding planner?

Well, the engagement is over and now begins the real burden. Yes, of course it’s your wedding, the happiest day of your life but planning for that happy day can be quite burdensome, if not, downright a huge responsibility! To keep your sanity till D-Day, don’t take on this humongous task of planning yourself. Instead, invest in a wedding planner right from the start and you will not live to regret it.

The most important reason why couples should opt for a wedding planner is the monetary and time gains that it packs. Wedding planning is not an easy job. Not only does it take time but it needs a lot of planning too. By finding a professional wedding planner, couples will have quick access to all the connections they need to get the required services. Working with a professional wedding planner is highly efficient as all your time and efforts are channelized and put to best use. After all, planning a wedding can only be fun when you are not drowning in the million things you have to do.  A wedding planner will handle all the required research and provide you with the information you need so that you don’t get overwhelmed. They will be capable of finding the best deals that can fit into a given budget and will keep everything organised so that the couple does not have to waste time running around for small things. Their services are invaluable and they help customers save time and money on a large scale.

Most weddings have a budget that the couple attaches to it. Whether it is a more casual beach reception or a luxury venue, the budget can stretch from rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 80 lacs. However, no matter what the budget is, a planner can help find services that can be availed at the rates put down by the couple.

Keeping the Stress Away

Wedding planner who have been in the profession for a long time are used to the stress of the job and work well under pressure. They are aware that things are bound to go wrong and thus, usually have a backup plan in place so that the couple can rest easy at all times. In fact, an efficient wedding planner will handle every hurdle that comes up and the couple is sometimes not even aware that their wedding was about to fall apart. A wedding planner has their customers’ backs, on every single day leading up to the big day.

Another area of stress for a couple is usually the length of the guest list. However, having a wedding planner on board, will make sure the couple doesn’t go overboard. Adding a single person can make the cost of the occasion go up by at least 600-700/- because each person needs to have an invitation card, an escort card, a program, menu, dinner and more.  So relying on a wedding planner will help manage that crucial aspect of the couple’s big day.

Sometimes, couples may get distracted by Pinterest boards and may start yearning for something that is a little out of their reach. A wedding planner will usually drag the couple back to reality and help them plan a party that is fun and enjoyable and not one that competes with someone else’s.

An Encyclopaedia of Unique Ideas

When couples have the right professionals on the job, they can be certain that the ideas will come flowing, whether it is choosing DIY floral setups to finding various elements of the reception that could match the personality of the couple. For instance, if the couple does not want cake cutting, but instead wants to dance more, the wedding planner will find interesting ways to factor this in and give the couple what they want. Being different is what makes the day unique and with the fantastic alternatives offered by wedding planners, couples will no longer have to worry about being one among the rest.

Wedding planners can also help the couple pick the right bridal party when they are unsure about who to choose. A bridal party should have the people who care for the couple and will support them as they take the next step in their life, not just 12 girls who look smashing in a dress.

Another reason why wedding planners are essential is because they have the connections and know-how to provide the couple with the best vendors that fall in one’s budget range. Initially, planners would help the couple get deals at cheaper rates but now, planners are focussing more on giving couples services that are worth the price.  Whether it includes finding people who are aligned with the vision and needs of the couple to getting budget-friendly alternatives, wedding planners now strive for value that will benefit the couple better.

Thus, without a wedding planner, it is really hard for a couple to remain organised. Merely picking the best option from the many vendor emails being sent can be a huge hassle, from trying to figure out their prices to asking about their availability on your wedding day, etc. However, by having a wedding planner, you can kiss these worries goodbye and rest knowing that everything is being tracked in a very efficient manner, perhaps with the help of apps – from seating charts to décor arrangements, ceremony details and more, and within a second they can provide you with all the details you need.

Lastly, wedding planning inadvertently ends up becoming a family matter, with every aunt and uncle who is around, volunteering to help plan things. While this is a very sweet gesture, it can cause a lot of confusion and commotion. However, once again, with a wedding planner, the couple need not worry about this as the planner will make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to all the relevant details. Not only will they make sure everyone knows what’s happening but they will also coordinate timelines with everyone to ensure there is no clash.

Apart from family, the vendors will know exactly how much time they have for their job. Wedding planners always look at the big picture so the florists will know exactly when they need to arrive and decorate the place, while the photographer will be given a timeslot after or before so that nobody’s work clashes with another and creates a problem at the last moment.

Thus, getting a wedding planner to share your planning will help make sure you are left with no surprises on your big day.