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How to go about hiring a wedding planner?

If you have decided to hire a planner, the next aspect is to ensure that you are making the right choice in hiring a person or a tea,  that you would enjoy working with. At times going about it may not always be easy, considering that on one hand the industry has plenty of talent to offer and on the other,  the person of choice must be in a position to understand your ideas, preferences and be on the same page as you.

There are a numerous reasons why hiring a event planning professional today recommended, is the choice of many; especially for those that are working professionals that have very limited spare time during the day to organize their big day.

Some brides, thrive on the excitement of planning the occasion themselves and even work together closely with the event coordinator others leave the decision making to the pros limiting their interactions to a bare minimum. Choosing the right fit  though also takes plenty of time and efforts, as it depends on many aspects and here is the best approach to it.

1.       Communication is key

The first thing to consider is how comfortable  you are with the individual or agency that you plan to hire and if personalities gel. In the initial interactions it is important to express ideas on the style, colours and theme of the events and pay close attention to the feedback you receive. If your thoughts and ideas are met with enthusiasm and a personal connect is established- it definitely makes for a good start. Generally planning a  wedding takes months and therefore considering to being able to work comfortably with the person is essential.  In addition to communication, being able to rely on him/her for making decisions, asking for guidance and also at times emotional support is a also essential.

2.       Do your homework

Finding the right person that would match one’s personality is much needed, but how exactly does one get down to doing that?  A good way to start is by spending time on research, asking friends and family for references and checking websites, social profiles and portfolios.  Having initial consultations with a few short-listed names in order to determine whether a tangible synergy exists is an approach in the right direction.

Pay close attention to their portfolios of  their recent work to give you a sense whether there is a dominant design style that they adopt and if it matches with your tastes.  Notice whether elements such as the lighting, colours, décor  and style blend together cohesively. Look for reviews to give you an idea of what recent clients have had to say and also valuable mentions such as awards, credibility etc

3.       Get down to business

When a meeting is scheduled, asking the right questions will help make a much informed hiring decision. Getting to know how much time a planner can devote on the day itself is essential as also if there are any other events that they would be coordinating on the same day/week.  Enquire about the strength of their workforce and the number of personnel that would be  dedicated to your event. Discuss about the role you expect them to play and what your expectations are, including the time that they are willing to devote to you in the weeks/months to come.  Many brides also factor in the coordinators experience with a particular venue and also with a particular culture type. A good interaction will bring about better clarity when deciding to hire.

4.       Plan your budget

It is always  recommended to discuss monetary aspects in the initial meeting to get a sense on price points for vendors, venues and fees. It need not be an accurate estimate but to give you an idea of what costs would be. Similarly, before you  schedule any meetings, work on a rough budget for items such as venues, photography, decor, catering, entertainment etc. If you are having a hard time getting it done by yourself, speak to friends that have recently tied the knot to get an idea of ballpark figures.

5.       Seal the deal

Take some time to examine and compare rates, policies, services and any formal proposal/contract that you receive from the shortlisted names . If required re-schedule another meeting. It will help with your decision.  Remember to make notes of all that is discussed. Pay close attention to the fine print as well to avoid any confusion or miscommunication before signing a contract.

6.       Get your money’s worth

Secure the right agency and you are all ready to get started on bringing the occasion to life. Allow the planner to take the lead and do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. Take the initiative to schedule meetings to stay on top of things and look to participate as much as needed especially when it comes to decision-making. Keep in mind that; to get the best out hiring a coordinator is to  maintain excellent communication,  give clear direction on your preferences and also be efficient and certain on your decisions.