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Going About Working With Professional Planner

Undoubtedly, hiring a planner to organize your big day will definitely minimize the stress and effort of organizing your big day; however, there is lot to getting the best out of your planner, at your end as well as theirs.

Working closely with the couple to understand the type of wedding ceremony and reception party, rehearsal dinner, brunches that are held the day after the wedding, bridesmaid’s outfits, vendor and venue management are some of the broadly categorized tasks that a professional coordinator takes  on.

On understanding the couples vision and the overall preferences, the coordinator then works on an budget and costs for the event. Colors, vibe, taste and style are some of the vital aspects discussed at the initial phases that have an direct impact on costs.

Once these basics are laid down, the planner will propose how they would go about organizing the event and will then put down a contract that underlines the various services covered in it. Depending on the requirements and budget available, below are some of the broad tasks that are generally included.

What to expect from a wedding planner

Planning such a memorable occasion is a long process that needs time and patience. It includes details that need to be cross-checked along with costs and budgets being kept in check. Being well-organized is the highlight of all successful event organizers which skills that needs to be looked at closely before making a hiring decision.

Brides can leave the creation and reviewing of vendor contracts to the planners  for all the events planned. Additionally, these professionals also coordinate the arrivals of vendors on the big day along with deliveries to the venues.

These professionals are highly practical in their approach thus are able to guide couples on savings, unrealistic ideas and also avoid expensive mistakes. Last minute changes in timelines, improvising as the situations demands can be avoided when a experienced professional is hired.

Fashion & Style Advice

For those couples who are not well versed with the latest trends in bridal fashion, accessories, make-up, etc your planner can be of a lot of help. Being associated with the industry these professionals  stay on top of all the latest trends and are in the best position to offer guidance on what can work best for you.

Keeping the Peace

Getting married can be highly stressful for couples as well as for their families, particularly when everyone is also trying to balance their regular lives and jobs at the same time. Thus, the lead up to D-day can sometimes lead to arguments and disagreements more often with parents and family about certain preferences and decisions, planners often quick to jump in and foster peace within the family.

Resourceful & Being Adaptive

A well experienced event coordinator usually have a lot of contacts that can come in handy when the couple is looking for particular services such as caterers, a band, venues for the reception, or simply getting everything together at a reasonable budget. Planners have the advantage of being long associated with most of these vendors thus being able to better negotiate on behalf of the couple.

This would be followed by assessing all that needs to be organized at the reception and ceremony venues such as, the receiving of deliveries, meeting of vendors, dealing with no-shows, running a quick rehearsal, solving last-minute emergencies and also managing the timeline for the event.

Rather than having to manage each vendor individually having a professional on board make its a lot easier to coordinate. During the course of planning the wedding , meeting with the vendor at least a  month in advance to discuss vendor deliveries is a meeting taken-up by almost every event coordinator.

Things to keep in mind

Before making a decision to hire a particular agency play close attention to how responsive and organized a particular planner is.  Each planner has their own style and manner of execution which you must be comfortable with before zeroing on your hiring decision. Most importantly, a couple needs to feel comfortable with the style and taste of the planner they are deciding to take on. A  proper contract must be in place, highlighting the duties, responsibilities, costs, expenses and payment schedule that will be followed. Cost also vary depending on the type of services needed, service packages generally include the day of coordination and/or full service wedding planning