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Get a Wedding Planner to make your big day extra special

Although couples are more than happy to leave all their wedding responsibilities into the hands of a capable wedding planner, not many know what jobs they actually carry out. A wedding planner needs to closely work with the couple to understand the type of wedding, rehearsal dinner, brunches that are held the day after the wedding, bridesmaid’s outfits, and and so much more, before being signed on for the job.

On understanding the couples preferences, the wedding planner needs an idea of the overall budget that the couple is willing to put down for the event. They will then discuss the progress that has been achieved thus far and will go on to understand the colours, vibe, taste and style of the couple.

Once these basics are laid down, the wedding planners will propose how they can help the couple achieve their dream wedding and will put down a contract that underlines the various services they will offer the couple. Depending on the requirements and budget available, below are some of the facilities that will be provided.

What to expect from a wedding planner

Planning a wedding is a long process that needs time and patience. It includes details that need to be cross-checked and the budget for everything to run of schedule. Even if you are an organised person, a wedding planner will help the couple stay on top of things throughout the planning phase.

The couple can leave the creation and reviewing of vendor contracts to the planners, along with the entire planning of the wedding day timeline. In addition, planners also coordinate the arrivals of vendors on the big day and deliveries to the venues. Having a planner will make sure every decision is taken after proper consideration and thought thus helping the couple avoid expensive mistakes like unnecessary last minute changes or shipping costs. In addition, the couple will be reminded of their obligations and appointments at every juncture.

Fashion Advice Galore

For those couples who are not well versed with the latest trends, roping in a wedding planner who is also a designer can help keep the couple on board with the current trends. If there are certain disjointed elements at the last minute, a designer’s eye can work wonders in getting it all together and creating a unified look. Known for having an eye for details, couples can rest easy knowing that nothing of import – from coordinating with the florist to meeting the caterers, printers or graphic designers – will miss the planner’s eye.

The bride can leave not just her dress but the pattern of her bridesmaid’s dresses and the groom’s wear to the wedding planner, along with other visual details like the designing of tables, lighting, etc.

Keeping the Peace

Weddings can be highly stressful for couples as well as for their families, particularly when everyone is also trying to balance their regular lives and jobs at the same time. Thus, the days before a wedding can be perfect grounds for arguments and disagreements. More than often arguments with parents about certain wedding –related details are often encountered, the wedding planners can jump in and use their negotiating skills to foster peace within the family.

Resourcefulness that’s Unbeatable

A well experienced wedding planner usually have a lot of contacts that can come in handy when the couple is looking for particular services like caterers, a band, the perfect venue for the reception, or simply getting everything together at a reasonable budget. In addition, to having the contacts, they may be able to call in favours and get the couple a better deal.

This would be followed by the requirements at the reception venue that would need to be handled. For instance, the receiving of deliveries, meeting of vendors, dealing with no-shows, running a quick rehearsal, solving last-minute emergencies. In addition, there will have to be someone who will set up the reception space and ensure that everything starts on time and at the right place. This is where the wedding planner comes in. Once the party starts, they will have to deal with wedding crashers and unruly guests and will also make sure the place is left clean and tidy by managing the collecting of personal items and making sure the gifts reach you safely. They will also take care of the borrowed or rented items.

While couples sometimes hire people to provide all of these services separately, getting a professional wedding planner can help kill many birds with one stone. Couples should meet with the wedding planners a month in advance and the process of meeting vendors should happen at least a month in advance so confirmation of vendors are not delayed more than a week before the event.

Professional wedding planners are capable of handling pretty much everything related to weddings. From throwing a wonderfully lavish event to ensuring every detail is well-handled so the whole event goes on smoothly.

Things to keep in mind

When it comes to wedding planners, the most important thing is for a couple to find a professional planner who is responsive and easy to contact. If they do not respond instantly and are not well-organised, do not settle for them.

Wedding planner also charge different fees for their services offered, broadly offering day of coordination and/or full service wedding planning. Cost of hiring a planner vary from planner-to-planner and therefor adequate research must be done before zeroing in on a particular planner of choice.

Some planners get commissions for recommending certain vendors. So couples should always make sure they check on the people providing the various services to ensure they are right for the job and not just being brought on due to their connection with the wedding planner.

Most importantly however, the couple needs to feel comfortable with the style and taste of the planners they are deciding to take on. If there are any reservation, can the plan. Don’t take on someone that does not seem to be providing the right suggestions because after all, a wedding is a big day, and no couple should risk it by settling for a planner they are not comfortable with.

Before the job of the planners actually begins, the couple should have a proper contract in place, spelling out the duties, responsibilities, costs, expenses and payment schedule that will be followed. For safety, make sure there are clauses that mention how increased duties would be negotiated, if needed, and what the consequences would be if the obligations and duties were not met.