Get Lost With Us + Bugaboo

A few months ago I became part of an epic project.  We set out with my husband, two year old daughter, two photographers, two videographers, + 3 dogs in an RV for two weeks of travel throughout the southwest.  A modern gypsy caravan of sorts.  Our trip took us from San Diego through Utah, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, + Nevada.  We melted in Marfa and watched the snowfall in Taos a took a ton of photos and videos along the way.

As we began planning this trip we teamed up with Bugaboo, already my very favorite brand of stroller (we previously traveled with our Bugaboo Bee through Morocco, France, + Amsterdam), to use their Buffalo along the way. The Buffalo would be a perfect match for all the terrains we would encounter– national parks, dusty campsites, + city sidewalks.  You can read a bit more about my journey and experience traveling with a 2 year old over at Get Lost With, but I’ll also leave you with this sweet little video created by the guys from our team + some images via Studio Castillero