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Services We Offer For Destination Celebrations

Goa, the land of sun, sand and sea, steeped in culture and tradition is the perfect location to host your big day. The quintessential geographic location of this little state provides myriad different venues to choose from. Right from quaint country cottages with beautiful picturesque views to immaculate villas with classic Portuguese Baroque architecture. Not to forget the abundance of 5 starred hotels ready to cater to your every need and the vast expanse of golden sands melding together with the beautiful colors that accompany an evening sunset, creating a picture-perfect setting. And, we offer a complete range of services that are customized to your needs.

Venues Selection

Beach venues banquet halls, exquisite villas, yachts, lush green lawns and more, we are here to help you seek the venue of your choice! We will not only assist with venue scouting but also help you negotiate the best deal for it. Being based locally, we have worked with nearly most of the well-known properties being fully aware of all that is to know of a particular venue.

Decor: Ambience and decor


The overall harmony and class of  the ceremony and reception is often dictated by the decor. The style of decor  generally follows a theme and color based on which floral arrangements, mood and ambient lighting, props and other elements are curated. The type of decor also varies depending on the location and setting considering the size of the banquet hall, venue type and its ambience. Outdoor venues can accommodate more elements such as rice lighting, drapes, trussing etc. Indoor venues require to be well lit and accommodates not as many props and elements as compared to an outdoor setting.

Catering: Eat, drink and make merry

Goa is known for its delectable mouth-watering cuisine and a wedding party is the perfect occasion to showcase local delicacies. The sea food available is always fresh and delicious- a must have on the menu along with traditional dishes are always recommended. Additionally we can provide live counters dishing out fresh seafood, meats to the buffet as well . A variety of local drinks that can be thrown in the mix as well.


There are a number of brilliant photographers that are stationed locally as well as in other parts of the country that we have to offer, each with a unique style and talent. With pre-wedding photoshoots as also coverage of the entire day, drone coverage and photojournalist styles; we can provide you with the best talent in the industry.

Getting the audience involved is also a fun thing that many couples lean to. Creating a Facebook or Instagram hashtags and getting friends to post candid images is always fun. Guests are informed in advance thus leading to a collection of a wide variety of candid photos!

Styling:The perfect hair and make-up

Bridal make-up, hair dressing, saree draping along with trial sessions can be arranged. Getting the perfect hair-do and make-up is extremely important to the bride and her entourage. With a melange of trends out there, right from soft, natural and dewy to big bold and dramatic effects, we have collaborated with artists who you feel confident with to give you a fabulous look.


The right music and entertainment essentially sets the tone for the evening, livening up moods and  getting all your guests in the right spirits. We are associated with a  array of live bands, musicians and DJ’s to get you and your guests footloose and entertained. For an authentic Goan vibe, many opt for mandos, dulpods and other konkani songs to be a part of the mix as well.

Depending on the type of crowd a choice can be made between a DJ or a live band. Live bands though, add the authentic wedding feeling to the reception and DJ’s add an upbeat club vibe which would definitely click with a younger audience – many opting for both together as well.  For a  Catholic reception, the wedding march and the last set, or final dance, is usually performed by the band since it involves a slow dance.