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Endless number of couples decide to get married in Goa, after all, with all its lavish splendor and natural beauty, excellent nightlight and delicious food, beautiful beaches and excellent tropical climate makes strong reasons to choice it from the rest of the country. In addition to providing  a rough idea of costs, we have also highlighted the pros and cons of a having a destination celebration instead of the a traditional celebration that will  help make a better decision.  To give you an idea of the cost, we outlined a rough estimate considering an average of 100 guests with accommodation at a 5 starred resorts to arrive an an approximate costing


While North Goa is the place tourists flock in large numbers, ideally the South coast  is most preferred as it is a lot more private and less crowded. Most starred beach resorts in the south have beach front properties ideal for those looking for a beach ceremony. Whether you plan to have an intimate beachfront gathering or an elegant reception at a villa or perhaps even just a casual one at a beach shack, there is something for everyone here.

Guest Accommodation Costs

Accommodation for guests are amongst the top priorities that needs to be looked at. A 100 guests would require 50 rooms with double occupancy plus a 2 nights and 3 day stay, with meals included. That way,  guests can arrive, freshen up, have lunch and get ready for the Sangeet dinner or the Mehendi and kick-start the festivities  On day two, they can spend the day relaxing at the resort and preparing for the afternoon/evening wedding celebration. After a fun-filled night, they would certainly want to rest and wake up to a nice breakfast before checking out of the hotel, the following day.

These basic arrangements typically range between INR 13,000 to INR 20,000 per person. So for 100 guests, the cost will roughly range  between INR 13 lakh to 20 lakh.  This would primarily depend on the category of  hotels and also the location. For instance, the Leela, Alila Diwa, The Lalit and Park Hyatt are some of the most commonly sought after properties for destination events, along with RadisonBlu, Ramada, Kenilworth, etc.

In addition to the accommodation arrangements, a budget for the venue also needs to be set aside will range anywhere from INR 75,000 to 3 lakhs, depending on whether it is a banquet hall, the beach area or the private lawns.

Event Costs

Once the guests arrangements are looked after, preparations for the various ceremonies, events and parties needs to be looked at next. Decor, which includes, lighting, floral, props etc could vary any between 3 lakh to 7 lakh, that would include seating, lighting, floral placements, designing of the event, theme etc. For the events of both the days, the decor costs will roughly range between INR 6-8  lakhs. If you are looking to achieve a larger degree of customization, a budget of  INR 13-20 lakhs will be comfortable.

For entertainment, there will have to be either a live band or a DJ to keep the party alive. For two days of entertainment, a decent budget of would be around INR 1-2 lakhs. Live performing acts, celebrity performances, stand-up comedy can also be arranged if required.

The marriage ceremony kick-starts with the ‘Bharaat’. If the couple is looking for an elaborate Bharaat, topped with elephants, Dhol players and so on, budget around Rs.60,000 or so. If it is on simpler lines, it would range anywhere between INR 40,000 to 50,000. If you are looking to jazz-up the occasion with vintage cars or a customized horse carriage can be arranged for as well.

A rough estimate for hair styling and make-up for the bride and her entourage would comfortably range around Rs. 60,000 for the Mehendi, Sangeet, ceremony and reception.

Photography is another vital aspect which needs to be considered. Although there are many variables here, just to give you an estimate though, photography and cinematography would range between Rs. 2 to 4 lakhs for a two day event. Prices would vary when hiring multiple photographers, drone photography and also on the number of events. Photographers charge for a fixed number of hours of their work. Outstation photographers would needs to be be budgeted additionally.

Events also required special menus which can range between Rs.650- 1500 per head. Gala dinner with live counters and barbecue stations would require to be budget for separately.  Hotel also provide drink packages that include a number of house brands and cocktails which typically range between Rs. 350-650 per person.

Thus, when rounding up the entire figure, an outstation celebration can range anywhere between fifteen to thirty lakh rupees for a 2 night- 3 day event for 100-130 guests. Although these are rough estimates, you can always reach out to an event consultant who can provide you with an  accurate figure to arrive at a cost based on their likes and preferences.